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10 Distinctive Kite Craft Concepts For Sankranti 2020


Makar Sankranti/ Pongal is an auspicious pageant celebrated with nice enthusiasm and fervor. Like yearly it will likely be celebrated on 15th January. This pageant heralds the arrival of the harvest season and is common within the states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. The primary harvest day is noticed by feeding household and pals. On today many houses welcome the brand new season by getting ready particular meals delicacies and making lovely rangoli designs.

Meals Preparation throughout Sankranti:

Sankranti can also be a special occasion to get a style of the standard delicacies. The day is full of large meals impressed by the standard farm produce from the totally different the states of India. One frequent ingredient among the many various cuisines is the Sesame or mustard oil. This oil is used to arrange a variety of the sweets like til ladoos, paatishaapta, and rewari.

Til Ladoos- Sankranti pageant can also be the harvest season of sesame and subsequently it’s used loads through the celebrations. Til ladoos stay a favourite conventional candy delicacy served in virtually all Indian households.
Paatishaapta- particular Bengali delicacy which is a candy crepe or pancake served with a combination of coconut, date palm jaggery, and khoya.
Rewari- is a candy ready with sesame dipped in sugar. It’s a particular Punjabi dish served throughout Makar Sankranti.

Sankranti Kite Pageant:

This special occasion can also be earmarked for the flying of quite a few colourful kites. The sky is stuffed with kites that boast of distinctive designs and vibrant hues. Kite flying is practiced by each youngsters and grownup, with equal enthusiasm.

High 10 Sankranti Kite Craft Concepts:

To have fun this event, we’ve got collated some superior Sankranti home craft concepts. Have a look:

1. Kite Crafts With Consuming Straws:

Issues you’ll need:

2 A4 sized craft papers in contrasting colours
Scissors, a pencil, a scale
String – a few meter lengthy
Bits of coloured paper ribbons for the tail & ornament


Place the 2 sheets atop one another. Fold the sheets in half alongside the longer edges.
Minimize alongside the folded edges and draw out a line.
Minimize alongside the perimeters to type an elongated diamond form.
Make use of the reduce triangles for adornment function.
Minimize the straws and paste the straws horizontally first after which vertically.
Use a cotton thread by way of the vertical straw.
Tie it to type a triangle.
Adorn the sting with paper ribbons or any most well-liked designs.
Kite Crafts With Drinking Straws

Supply: marthastewart.com

2. Kite Craft With Coloured Designs:

What you’ll need:


Take a bit of paper and reduce it out in a kite form (define utilizing a pencil if required).
Then paint your required design.
Use one other white paper to color out one other design.
After the paper dries off, use a gap punch to make a small gap within the backside nook of the kite.
Minimize an extended piece of a yarn and tie it across the gap.
Take the opposite painted sheet and reduce out bow-shaped designs.
Start on the high of the kite string and tie the yarn round every one, working your manner down the string.
Kite Craft With Colored Designs

Supply: inspiredbythis.com

three. Mini Kite Craft Designs:

What you’ll need:

Coordinating craft paper (any eight.5 x 11″ paper)
Paper straws (2 per kite)
String or twine for the kite string (not less than 25-30″ lengthy)
Lightweight string, twine or ornamental ribbon for the tail of kite (not less than 20″ lengthy)
Elmer’s X-treme College Glue Stick


Choose two coloured papers, and reduce them each in half alongside the longest edge.
Coat the again of 1 sheet with glue and place the opposite coloration on high. Clean the web page down with no edges.
Pull out a ruler to measure and mark a spot on the high and backside of your paper at 2.75.
Be part of the 4 marks and draw traces to make the kite form.
Minimize a size of the string and tie one finish to a paper straw.
Take the second straw and reduce it into three equal items.
It’s worthwhile to connect one finish of the string to the center of a paper straw to function the kite deal with.
Apply glue onto the knot in order that the string may have a robust grip on the deal with.
Place the aspect of the kite that you just wish to be the underside.
Make use of a ruler and a pencil and join the corners to attract a cross.
Squeeze a bead of craft glue alongside the cross.
Place the straws into the glue to type your kite body, and permit the glue to dry for a couple of minutes.
Minimize an extended piece of lightweight ribbon for creating the kite tail. Thread it by way of the lengthy straw and connect with glue.
Tie few ribbons to the tail utilizing glue. You can too make use of glitter glue.
Mini Kite Craft Designs

Supply: momsandcrafters.com

four. Kite Craft With Pasta Designs:

What you’ll need:


Break the spaghetti into the aspect lengths of the kite.
Glue them collectively on a kite-shaped plain paper.
Make a squiggly line with the glue and connect the string to it.
Paint all of the noodles utilizing a paintbrush (might be executed earlier than gluing them additionally).
Paint the within of the kite together with the spaghetti noodles.
Kite Craft With Pasta Designs

Supply: craftymorning.com

5. Kite Craft With Plastic Bag:

What you’ll need:


Tie a size of the embroidery threads to the handles of the bag.
Strive to not hold the handles too lengthy.
Kite Craft With Plastic Bag

Supply: spinsandneedles.com

6. Kite Craft With Crepe Paper:

What you’ll need:

Paper bag with string handles
Lengthy strips of crepe paper or streamers


Minimize the crepe paper into small strip.
Connect the crepe strips alongside the underside of the bag utilizing the masking tape.
Tie a bit of kitchen twine by way of the handles of the bag (elective).

7. Stained Glass Kite Craft For Sankranti:

What you’ll need:


Minimize ½ body of every kite from a 12×eight sheet of black development paper.
Peel a 12×eight sheet of clear contact paper and place it sticky-side-up.
Gently set a black body on high of every sheet of contact paper.
Lay two strips in a perpendicular form to attach reverse corners.
Then fill the 4 kite areas with tissue paper squares.
As soon as the kites are fully crammed with the tissue paper, apply a second sheet of clear contact paper.
Trim off the surplus plastic of the kites utilizing scissors.

eight. Kite Craft With Popsicle Sticks:

What you’ll need:

1 sheet of brightly coloured tissue paper
Glitter, stickers or different gildings (elective)
Coloured markers, coloured pencils or crayons (elective)


Make a diamond form out of 4 popsicles stick.
Dab glue over every finish of the stick. Then glue the diamond form collectively. Go away it to dry.
Lay out a bit of tissue paper on the flat floor and place the glued popsicles stick diamond on high of the tissue paper.
Use a pencil to flippantly hint across the popsicles stick diamond.
Adorn the tissue-paper diamond in any design you favor.
Glue on some glitter or adorn with stickers, coloured markers, coloured pencils or crayons.
Minimize out tissue-paper diamond alongside the pencil line.
Glue the tissue-paper diamond to the popsicles sticks utilizing glue.
Connect an extended piece of ribbon or yarn to the underside nook of the kite tail.
Be certain that the kite tail is not less than thrice the size of the kite’s physique.
Kite Craft With Popsicle Sticks

Supply: activekids.com

9. Kite Craft With Skewers:

What you’ll need:

Skewer sticks or easy straws


Use a sq. formed paper to type the physique of the kite.
Fold the paper in half diagonally.
Crease the paper effectively and open it up once more.
Place your skewers vertically on the middle of the crease and paste it. Have it aligned on the nook of your papers.
Place your second skewer horizontally onto the paper making a cross of T form.
Place 4 tiny holes alongside the junction of the stick.
Minimize out three or four lengthy kite strings and tie three knots onto the kite.
Adorn the primary physique of the kite along with your most well-liked design.
Kite Craft With Skewers

Supply: hdwalle.com

10. Kite Craft With Paper Plates:

What you’ll need:

Stickers/colored pens/pencils/crayons (to embellish)


Minimize a circle out of the paper plate.
Tape few lengthy colourful ribbons to the underside of the plate.
Adorn the highest of the plate with stickers, paints or coloured pencils.
Get your suction-capped arrow and both sizzling glue it to the underside of the plate or tape it in place. This would be the deal with to carry the kite.
Maintain the stick and run alongside, watch the ribbons stream out of the again of your kite.

Have enjoyable with the colours, designs, and kite flying. And, do point out beneath which Pongal craft concepts you’d like to check out.